Citing Research

If you use this website or the data shared here in a publication, please cite the paper:
Jesse A. Brown, Jeffrey D. Rudie, Anita Bandrowski, John D. Van Horn, Susan Y. Bookheimer. The UCLA Multimodal Connectivity Database: A web-based platform for connectivity matrix sharing and complex network analysis (2012). Frontiers in Neuroinformatics. 2012;6:28. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2012.00028. (

Why the name change?
The UMCD was born and nutured at UCLA, and the paper describing it was written there. The hosting laboratory, the Laboratory of Neuroimaging, has since relocated from UCLA to USC.

Useful References


  • The purpose of this site is for researchers to be able to share their published data, not to undergo scrutiny.
  • Networkx is used to calculate all network metrics using the default settings. These results may or may not agree with those of 1) the published work or 2) other software packages.
  • The researcher has the right to take down their shared data at any point.
  • For publicly shared datasets, the email address and name of the individual who uploaded the data will be shown. Email addresses will be moderately obscured (ie jbrown81 [AT] ucla [DOT] edu) to minimize any possibility of spam. We share the email address and name because people browsing the database like to know who shared the data, both for general interest and for questions about the data.

Privacy and Licensing

  • All shared data should be de-identified and have IRB approval to share that data.
  • Do not use highly specific subject identifying information in the metadata.
  • Please make sure all aspects of your submission (filenames, meta information, and data) are de-identified before submission.
  • If you conduct analyses using this website or data found on this website, cite the UMCD and the any/all datasets used in your analysis.
  • Use this data at your own discretion and employ your standard quality control methods.
  • All public data is uploaded and downloaded under the terms of the Creative Commons license.