Technical Specifications

This site was built with the web2py framework. The Python modules numpy, networkx and matplotlib are used to calculate all network metrics and display graphs. This gives the user the ability to quickly assess these networks from any web browser without having to download software.

The 3D rendering on the Analyze Network results page is WebGL-based, powered by ChemDoodle Web Components with a few modifications. The node radii are scaled based on whichever nodal measure is selected: degree, betweenness centrality, or clustering coefficient. If modularity is chosen, all radii are set to one and the node colors indicate the module membership. Note that these colors correspond to those from the 2D images. Edge radii are scaled for a weighted analysis and set equal for a binary analysis. If an analysis is run with a large number of edges, the number of displayed edges will be capped to speed up rendering.

The site is optimized for best performance in Firefox or Chrome. You need an updated version of Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera in order to view WebGL-based interactive 3D visualization and may need to enable WebGL.