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  • Connectivity matrix - a text file with the connectivity matrix (preferably unthresholded). This describes the network. | example
  • Region names - a text file with the full region names. This is used for reporting regional measures. | example
  • Region abbreviations - a text file with the regional abbreviations. This is used for creating graphics. | example
  • Region centers - the (x,y,z) coordinate for the center of mass for each region. This is also used for creating graphics. | example
  • Note: Please use MNI152 mm coordinates when at all possible. This makes comparison of multiple datasets possible.

Here's a piece of bash for obtaining the center for a list of masks, using the fslstats command: for i in mask1.nii.gz mask2.nii.gz mask3.nii.gz; do fslstats $i -c >> centers_file.txt; done

To obtain connectivity matrices from your data, you can try the UMCP package, which can calculate matrices for diffusion-weighted MRI and fMRI data.